HP Solutions Inc., Financial Services in Sudbury Ontario. HP Solutions Inc., Financial Services in Sudbury Ontario HP Solutions Inc., Financial Services in Sudbury Ontario

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Financial Planning, Insurance and Investment Services

At HP Solutions Ltd., we help you meet your goals and desires by focussing on Cash Flow Planning. Our goal is to help you protect, save and grow your finances so you can live the lifestyle you really want. After all, isn’t that what making money is supposed to be all about?.


Our clients are busy professionals and business owners who want to eliminate their debt and increase their net worth, so they can fund their goals and dreams today, “not some day!”  Having more money month after month means less stress, more choices and more freedom and peace of mind.

From 1987, HP Solutions Ltd. has helped clients in Greater Sudbury and across northern Ontario to realize their dreams by providing financial and lifestyle stability solutions.

HP Solutions subsidiary the "National Centre for Planned Giving" (NCPG) is an organization designed to help people leave a charitable gift through their will or other strategies. NCPG works closely with individuals and organizations using various methods to ensure sustainable funding for their favorite cause.

Core Products and Services

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Annuities 
  • Financial, Retirement & Estate Planning Services
  • Fixed Income Products & Segregated Funds
  • Group Benefits & RRSP's
  • Personal Health Plans
  • Insurance Products (Life, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Disability)
  • Registered Accounts (TFSA, RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LIFs, RESPs,etc)
  • Retirement Income strategies and Tax Planning
  • Travel Insurance

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“I am impressed with your knowledge and sincerity in the financial industry. My wife and I feel very comfortable with your advice and guidance on financial matters”

B.M. Sudbury, Ontario